About Sam


Samantha Smirin is a visual artist, bi-polar life coach and critically acclaimed author from Johannesburg, South Africa.

As the daughter of a hobbyist painter and an art auctioneer, her exposure to art started at a very early age. Chagall, Gaugin, Picasso and Van Gogh’s works were painted on massive canvasses by her father and hung on every wall of their house. They were so convincing, that an art dealer, who visited their house, thought they were originals. Her father also taught her how to paint.

Sam’s subject matter is always inspired by the nature that surrounds her. She answers the call of the fragrant Blue Gum trees she remembers near her childhood home, and the tropical Coconut Palms and churning Indian Ocean at her family holiday house. She transforms the scenes that catch her eye so that she can experience her own active imagination and invite the viewer to participate in their aesthetic subjectivism.

After spending many years exploring with watercolours, Sam has found her way to oil paint. Her Solo Exhibition, ROOTED, in 2013, was virtually sold out and her current body of work, which is called SEAS, is no doubt going to make waves.